Van Hull PlaceA Project by Kothari Group

A project by Kothari Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When will construction commence on Van Hull Place and when will the project be ready for occupancy?

Construction has started! First occupancies are slated for early 2015.

Who are the developer, architect and engineers for Van Hull Place Condos?

Van Hull Place Inc, a division of the Kothari Group of Companies, is both the developer and the general contactor for this project. The team consists of David Goyer Architecture Inc. (Architect), Wolfrom Engineering Ltd.(Structural Engineer), BP Designs (Mechanical Engineer), Ibasa Enterprises (Electrical Engineer) and G.A. Pratt and Associates (Civil Engineer).

What kind of security is being provided at Van Hull Place Condominiums?

Access to the building will be via secure interphone located at the building entry. Deadbolts and peep holes will be installed in all suite entrance doors.

What kind of fire protection is being provided at Van Hull Place Condominiums?

The building has a comprehensive fire alarm system and a full fire suppressing sprinkler system. Early detection, hard wired, in-suite, smoke and heat detectors are installed in each condo. Emergency exit lighting and emergency stairways are located at each end of the building.

Will there be a resident caretaker at Van Hull Place? 

Van Hull Place will be professionally managed by an independent property management company.

What type of foundation and building structure is used to construct the Van Hull Place  building?

The building has a concrete pile foundation with the lower parking garage having concrete walls, ramp and floor. A concrete floor separates the parking level and the main floor level of the building. The 4 storey building is wood framed from the main floor to the roof. Engineered floor joists are to be used for the floor systems with a gypcrete topping and a double wall system dividing all adjacent units.

What materials will be used on the exterior of the building? 

The exterior will have a combination of acrylic stucco and cultured Stone.

What level of soundproofing can be expected at Van Hull Place? 

All floor and wall soundproofing requirements are built to exceed the building code requirements. The walls between the suites have a STC rating of 57 and are constructed of a double wood stud wall with insulation. The floors have a STC rating of 52 and are constructed of Engineered Floor Joists with mineral wool insulation between floors, gypcrete floor topping, resilient channel, and 5/8" drywall. All hard surface flooring will be installed on underpad.

What is the heating system at Van Hull Place?

Each suite will be equipped with its own central heating and air conditioning unit located in an enclosed insulated room on the suite balcony.

Is Van Hull Place equipped with an elevator?

The building is equipped with one elevator which also services the underground parking and is situated near the front entrance.

What are the Common Element Fees at Van Hull Place and what is included in the common element charge?

The comment element "condo fee" will be based on your pro-rated share of the common element expenses of the building. The estimated condo fees are available upon request and may vary between suites. Each suite is individually metered for electricity which will enable condominium owners to control and monitor consumption. Please speak with one of our Sales Representatives for further information.

What do Common Element Fees Pay For?

Common element costs include all "common elements" or shared costs including (but not limited to) common area heating and cooling (including parkade) maintenance, grounds keeping and landscaping, service contract for elevator and safety equipment, professional management and janitorial costs, building insurance, (owners require separate condominium contents and betterments insurance), snow and garbage removal, lights and power in the common areas, in-suite and common area water and sewer, as well as replacement and maintenance reserve charges etc. Residents pay separately for telephone, in-suite hydro, cable TV, “condo package” insurance, and property taxes.

What common area features will be provided at Van Hull Place and will I/we have to pay extra to use or reserve these spaces?

The multi-purpose room will have a bar kitchen, a bar fridge and microwave.  The fitness room will have a treadmill, a stationary bike and free weights. Typically these spaces can be reserved at no extra charge; however management of the space and determination of costs and policies will ultimately be set collectively by the condominium owners.

What type of parking is provided? How many parking stalls can I have?

One parking stall and one locker are included in the purchase price of your condominium. All two bedroom suites come with one underground parking stall.  The one bedroom suites will have one outdoor designated parking stall with an electrical outlet (electrical cost will be included in general condo fees). Additional parking may be purchased. Please contact one of our Sales Representatives for further information.

Are appliances included in my purchase price at Van Hull Place?

4 kitchen appliances are included in your purchase price.  This includes a stainless steel refrigerator, a self cleaning ceramic top range, an over the range microwave and a built in dishwasher. A white stacked front loading washer and dryer will be available as an upgrade.

Do Van Hull Place condominiums come with balconies?

Yes, all condominiums include either an oversized balcony or a ground floor terrace.

What are the advantages of a condominium and how does condominium ownership work?

A condominium is a legal form of shared ownership, where the owner holds title to the individual apartment home, and a shared interest in the building and grounds common elements. A condominium allows for the financial benefits of ownership while leaving the chores of property upkeep and maintenance to our professional property managers. Residents will purchase their condominium homes outright, and pay a monthly "condo fee" to fund all shared common area expenses. Additionally, the condominium corporation will also save the individual owner money on longer-term upkeep of the building, such as roof maintenance, because the cost is shared by all residents.

As a unit owner will I have any part to play in the on-going operation and management of Van Hull Place?

The project will be professionally managed by an independent professional Condominium Management Company who will work directly for the Condominium Corporation Board of Directors. As a unit owner in the building, you have voting rights in your condominium corporation. An annual general meeting of all unit holders will be conducted to review the business of the corporation. You may participate in the management of the project to a greater extent, if you wish to stand for election to the Condominium Corporation's Board of Directors.

Have Rules and Regulations been established for residents of Van Hull Place?

The rules and regulations will be described in detail in the project condominium documents and by-laws. Every condominium project has rules regulating the use of the common elements, balconies, improvements etc.

Can I purchase a condominium at Van Hull Place and rent it until I am ready to occupy it myself?

You may rent your condominium provided you and your tenant comply with all rules and regulations of the condominium documents.

What type of insurance will I require with respect to my new condominium home at Van Hull Place?

The condominium corporation will provide insurance for the overall building. Owners will require separate condominium unit owners insurance based on the Condo Package Policy as set out by your insurance company.  It should also include your contents and any upgrades and improvements.

What are my real estate taxes likely to cost at Van Hull Place?

Property taxes are to be set by the City of Winnipeg who does not confirm amounts until a later time. These taxes will be assessed and dependent on the size and purchase price of the unit. In 2013 home owners who declared their condo as their principal residence received a Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit of $700.00.

Is the GST included in the purchase price? 

The purchase price has been presented with net GST included and if you are declaring this suite as your primary residence, then the Offer will be written accordingly.  The GST rebate is initially paid out by the builder and subsequently credited back to them.  If you are purchasing this unit for investment purposes, an additional 1.8% GST will be added to your purchase price.

Which Van Hull Place condominiums are still available?

Please call one of our sales representatives for the most up-to-date information on availability.

Is Van Hull Place an age restricted condominium?

The Van Hull Place condominiums were designed and are suitable for all ages and consequently there is no age restriction at Van Hull Place. While visiting guests stay at the discretion of each individual owner, the rules will specify that guests must comply with all the same rules and regulations as imposed on owners.

Is smoking allowed at Van Hull Place?

In accordance with provincial by-laws, smoking is not permitted in any of the common areas.

Are pets allowed at Van Hull Place?

The project by-laws and declaration will describe the rules in detail; however owners are allowed up to two cats or two dogs, or one of each, each weighing no more than 35 lbs.

How will I dispose of my garbage and recycling at Van Hull Place?

There will be a garbage chute on each floor for garbage disposal.  All recycling material will need to be taken to the outdoor recycling enclosure.

What type of roof will the building have?

Van Hull Place has a pitched roof with a minimum 25 year warranty on the asphalt shingles.

What kinds of windows and doors are being used?

Windows will be energy efficient triple pane. Balconies will have dual pane 6 foot patio doors.

Can I choose the paint colors for my unit?

The unit interiors at Van Hull Place will be painted in a standard neutral color. Walls are coated 2 times (1 prime coat and 1 finish coat of acrylic latex) and trim and interior doors are finished with surface primer and 1 coat of semi-gloss finish. Paint color options are available within option packages and are available as a custom upgrade upon request. All paint color options are only available in a 3 coat system.

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